Visit vibrant Hong Kong

Hong Kong is known for being a vibrant and pulsating city, buzzing with effervescent energy. This densely populated location boasts the most skyscrapers in the world that present breathtaking skyline views, which are hard to rival. Hong Kong is a modern city, with echoes of a colonial past, reflected in the historical buildings and monumental structures. Hong Kong’s Chinese traditions and rich culture is clearly not lost midst the urbanized landscape and you might be surprised to discover an array of sandy beaches, very much enjoyed by travellers and locals. Temples serving as places of worship, for Buddhist monks and Taoists, also open their doors to visitors, to share ancient rituals, performed daily and during special events and festivals. With a Lowcostholidays promotion code, you can experience the magnificence of Hong Kong, while saving on your hotels and flight.

Explore Disneyland

Hong Kong clearly has much going for it and is diverse and varied enough to cater to the needs of a wide range of travellers. Disneyland is perfect for families wishing to experience American culture in the heart of Asia. Hotels at Disneyland offer first class service and restaurants deliver the very best in Chinese cuisine. You can also dine with Disney’s most cherished characters and participate in fun, family friendly activities during your stay.
Dine at the Jumbo Floating Restaurant

The Jumbo Floating Restaurant is a magnificent structure and massive water palace, accommodating up to 2,300 diners. Here you can enjoy gourmet modern fusion cuisine and traditional Chinese dishes. The vibrant city life is part and parcel of Hong Kong, however, you can escape the hustle and bustle, at one of Hong Kong’s many gorgeous, sandy beaches. Cheung Sha and Pui O Beach are both located in the village of Pui O. These popular beaches are perfect for rest and relaxation. Bask in the sun, or get active, surfing or playing beach sports.

Entertainment and Shopping at Lively Markets

Hong Kong is also known for its amazing markets. The Ladies Market and Temple Street Night Market are very popular and the city’s gems, not to be missed. At the Temple Street Night Market, you can experience live operatic performances, get your fortune read and look through the many trinkets, electrical appliances, antiques and jewellery, while enjoying tasty food from market vendors. This market is full of life and a spectacular iconic vision, unique to Hong Kong’s cultural lifestyle.


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